Nilvange's former swimming-pool is now a cultural hub spanning 1,300 m².

 This contemporary music venue is home to two floors, encompassing a concert hall to seat 400, three fully-equipped rehearsal studios, a resource centre (a multimedia library complete with computers, tablets and e-books), a club house and a bar.

The Scène de Musiques Actuelles cultural incentive, known as "Le Gueulard Plus" in a nod to the furnace mouth ('gueulard') belonging to the Pavé association, plays a central role in the lives of amateur and professional musicians alike. It supports emerging bands and encourages members of the public to pursue music while supporting local talent and promoting educational and artistic activities among children and young people.

With its innovative architecture designed by the Chartier-Corbasson agency, "Le Gueulard Plus" is a flagship project for the Val de Fensch region. Its eclectic programme is the perfect addition to the region's other offerings, and boosts the region's reputation on a national scale. The facilities here were awarded the "Scènes de Musiques Actuelles" (SMAC) label for contemporary music venues by the French Ministry of Culture in 2016.