Two discovery trails measuring 5 km and 3 km respectively are dotted with boards that provide members of the public with information on these protected natural spaces.

Better known for its mines, the Val de Fensch is also home to beautiful, peaceful countryside just waiting to be explored. The plateau of the heights of Algrange - Nilvange and the Côtes de Ranguevaux, where the chalky soil allows water to seep through, is made up of poor, dry soil: ideal conditions for chalk grasslands to develop. 

The grasslands are scattered with wild orchids and herbs and a host of remarkable species, of which Anemone sylvestris, a protected plant species in France and a rare sight in Lorraine, is the crown jewel. With a bit of luck, you may cross paths with a flock of Merino sheep wandering the chalk grasslands of the Val de Fensch. These creatures live as they always have, guided by the seasons and indispensable to maintaining the grasslands in a healthy state.

Guided walks, slideshow lectures and other trips out run throughout the year, helping visitors to learn more about Lorraine's wildlife. Check the calendar of events available to download from the CEN Lorraine website, or pick up a paper copy from the Val de Fensch tourism office.