A pass put together by the Val de Fensch tourism office in partnership with the Val de Fensch Greater Area Development Board and the French department for education.

All local schoolchildren in their first year of primary school (and second year from 2015 on) in the Val de Fensch region receive a 'heritage passport' for them to use throughout their school years. The purpose of the passport is two-fold.

Firstly, it encourages school groups to explore local heritage. This is also a solution to financial issues tied to transport costs and encourages walking and cycling.

Secondly, it helps children identify with regional history in a fun way, and inspires them to go back to visit sites with their families. Classes visit a site, and after the day out, the site gives the class teacher as many stickers as there were children present, which allows them to 'stamp off' the visit.

After having visited the site with their school, children can then fill in the passport pages for the site in question. Each one includes five questions related to their experience and a 'freestyle' space for a classroom exercise led by the teacher.

At the end of their schooling, as long as they have visited five sites and at least one involved travelling there by foot or bike, children receive a 'Valley Ambassador' card giving them exclusive VIP access to sites of interest in the valley.

The Gueulard Plus

Neufchef petting zoo

Ranguevaux's pond

Feralia water park

Permanent route of orientation

Parc de Haut Fourneau U4

Chalk Grasslands

Jardin des Traces