The team is proud to accompany you every day in your research for animations, events, visits in the beautiful valley that is the one of Fensch 




We promise to:

  • Provide you with an easy-to-access welcome desk and information area.
  • Make visiting our region easier.
  • Provide you with facilities to sit down and rest your feet.
  • Provide free information on things to see and do locally.
  • Display information on our opening hours in at least two foreign languages.
  • Give you free Wi-Fi access.
  • Stay open at least 305 days a year including Saturdays and Sundays in high season or during major events.
  • Reply to your emails and letters throughout the year.
  • Ensure you are met with a warm welcome throughout the year by a member of staff who speaks at least two languages other than French.
  • Provide paper copies of sight-seeing maps and guides.
  • Give you access to a dedicated website available to browse in three languages and on connected devices.
  • Share tourism information (translated into at least two languages other than French) both online and in hard copies:
    • listed holiday accommodation including at a bare minimum the name of the establishment, address, email address, website link, phone numbers and ranking;
    • monuments, cultural and natural sites of interest and leisure facilities, potentially including pricing, opening hours and periods, website links and contact details;
    • events and activities;
    • emergency phone numbers.
  • Update tourism information on an annual basis.
  • Display emergency phone numbers on the outside of the building.
  • Provide information on all relevant sight-seeing opportunities for all types of client.
  • Allow visitors to check availability for listed accommodation options.
  • Handle your complaints and check you are satisfied.
  • Offer sight-seeing and tourism information adapted to new IT and communication technologies (social media, mobiles, GPS, etc.).
  • Comply with norms and standards set by [certification] or [brand].
  • Put you in touch with a holiday advisor for your trip.
  • Ensure information concerning local tourism offers is current and accurate.