This Gothic-style chapel left no record of its history.

Dedicated to Saint Anne and consecrated in 1707 by the Bishop of Metz, Monseigneur Ducambout de Coislin, the Budange chapel is a simple, humble building in an isolated setting perfect for recollection and meditation.

The chapel's origins lie in the story of a statue: legend has it that a statue of Saint Anne was found in a bush. The villagers of Budange carried it back to the village, and displayed it in the main square. The next day, the statue had vanished. After lengthy enquiries, it was found again in the same bush. The townsfolk took it back to the square, but that night it disappeared again, reappearing once more in the bush. The villagers took it as a sign that the statue did not wish to leave the spot, and built a chapel around it using stone from the Justemont quarry.

Religious services were held here every week until 1963.