These mural paintings are integral to the Vallée de la Fensch's identity. The region was heavily influenced by a number of artists, and Greg Gawra in particular.

Born on 26 April 1954 in Nilvange to working class Ukrainian parents, Greg Gawra was a self-described 'ethnologist of the streets and bistros'. He people-watched to better understand those around him, but more importantly to provoke them in order to 'see what they were made of'.

His frescos depict local industrial and rural life, and weave ties between the past and present. The scenes and events, presented as optical illusions, are more often than not inspired by the photography of the times or local traditions, leading to real investigative work in family homes.

Yet Gawra's characters bear resemblance to the painter's neighbours and loved ones, irrespective of age and rivalries. Greg Gawra's technique combined historical accuracy with anecdote, along with a pinch of provocation for good measure.

Come and learn more about the artist's frescos in Moselle, Pas-de-Calais, Champagne and even Germany. Some frescos are visible directly on the outer walls of the buildings, while others can only be glimpsed when you venture inside certain establishments (museums, bars, restaurants, etc.).