9 am: Introduction to bee-keeping or tour of an artisanal distillery

A Val de Fensch bee-keeper shares his passion for his trade using educational boards and a tour of a hive surrounded by a bay window (depending on the season). Learn more about bee hives, broods, and what bees make. Discover just how essential bees are to humans and our environment.

Or tour of the Cabane à Jus, an artisanal apple juice press room and brandy distillery that has been raising local glasses since 1946. Learn how fruit is distilled in traditional bain-marie stills that date back to the last century, and find out how apples, pears and quinces are transformed into delicious juice.

12:30 pm: "Zero Waste" picnic in the chalk grasslands at Algrange-Nilvange, in partnership with the greater Val de Fensch area's local council.

2:30 pm: Explore the chalk grasslands at Algrange-Nilvange

These plateaus are home to a huge variety of wildlife that is incredibly rare in Lorraine, and maintained by a flock of sheep.

4:30pm: Relaxation pass at the Feralia water park

The only one of its kind in eastern France, this water park features stainless steel pools in a fun, relaxing setting devoted to well-being.

Optional extra: tour of the facilities upon request.

Day trip ends around 7 pm.

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