Creating a remarkable garden on a former industrial wasteland seemed like an impossible dream.

Built on hostile land at the foot of the blast furnace U4, the Jardin des Traces encompasses four hectares of land and is home to a collection of unique atmospheres. This incredible feat of landscaping prowess earned the garden its place on the cross-border list of Jardins sans Limites ('Gardens Without Borders'). Huddled between the flowerbed track designed in colours reminiscent of smelting cast iron and ethereal grass, visitors are free to wander down a tarmacked path leading to the fountains where Pierre Luu's statues, especially created for the site, await. Prepare to be enthralled by this world where stone and plant matter collide, a patchwork fusion of colours and smells, silence and sound.

Today, the garden is a place of discovery, a cultural destination and an ode to steel-working history, as well as a pleasant place for a stroll. The Chrysopée association brings the garden to life with a series of imaginative events and activities, from egg hunts and the wind festival to a flower festival to celebrate spring and autumn plants, and a haunted garden come Halloween. An idyllic spot to enjoy from April through to November.


Program 2019 

May 11st : Fête des plantes

May 18th : La Tête dans les étoiles

September 14th : Fête des plantes

October 20st : Halloween