9 am: Guided tour of the Neufchef mine

Steeped in history, this museum is an invitation to travel back in time and discover the world of iron ore mining in real iron mines, guided by ex-miners.

11 am: Tour of a miners’ or forge workers’ neighbourhood in Hayange

These neighbourhoods began flourishing as people flocked to Lorraine's new El Dorado, and are a classic example of paternalistic models of community and architecture.

12:30 pm: Lunch in a traditional local restaurant.

3 pm: The Parc du Haut-Fourneau U4 and the Jardin des Traces (free time) in Uckange

Uckange's last remaining blast furnace of the original six is a listed historic monument. Today, it is one of France's rare few monuments to the early 20th century's steel-working industry.

The contemporary and quirky Jardin des Traces was built on the site of the former local forge. A listed 'garden without borders' (Jardins Sans Limites), this landscaped park is an ode to the memory of steel-working in the region.

Day trip ends around 6 pm.


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